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Helping you create a beautiful life 

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"Once you see yourself as I already see you,
there will be no stopping you."

dissolving self-sabotage changes everything

Are you sabotaging your success? Take the test to get your score and identify your blocks.

On January 2nd of the year 2000, my whole life was turned inside out. In one instant I saw myself and the world through the eyes of pure peace and unconditional love.

It changed everything. At that point, I realised I had been unnecessarily sabotaging myself my whole life and I saw that everyone does it at least to some degree. 

Since then, I have dedicated my life to discovering everything I can to help other people dissolve self-sabotage and remove the blocks that hold them back unnecessarily.


In all that time I have discovered that unpicking self-sabotage is complicated and it requires very specific processes to happen in a very specific order.


To that end, I have developed a unique methodology to help people stop sabotaging and start joyfully living in alignment with who they truly are. This is the foundation for all success and happiness. 


Pure and simple.

If in contrast, you are still in conflict with yourself, feeling like you are not good enough and pushing away compliments, opportunities and people then I guarantee you are sabotaging yourself and you will never achieve your full potential or enjoy any of your successes. 

Are you ready to stop battling with yourself?


Are you ready to stop feeling not good enough?

Are you ready to stop feeling like an imposter?

Are you ready to stop pushing people, love and money away?

Are you ready to live a meaningful life of abundance and actually be able to enjoy it?

If so, please check the financial and accountability commitment here and if you can agree to that, then schedule a free one-hour session below. This is not a sales call or an overview.


This is a real chance to see what it is like to work with me.

I am 100% committed to helping you create a glorious life by showing you that once these blocks are removed everything will begin to flow more naturally. 


Essentially it is all about getting you into alignment so that life can work through you to make amazing things happen.

For you and the world,

When you are ready, reach out

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“Tom is not a typical business coach. He brings the deepest psychological tools and techniques to totally transform your life. He helped me identify some massively limiting beliefs about success and he also helped me stop certain destructive habits that were holding me back. My business has gone from a 3 million turnover to a 60 million turnover. Removing those negative beliefs and behaviours gave me the foundation to create this success”



"Tom is unbelievably gifted. The way he is able to listen to what (in my own experience) is often an unclear explanation of how I’m feeling or a challenge I’m facing and then reflect back to me in such an insightful way. He never ceases to impress me with his passion for all things in the universe and brings it all together with candid stories, humour, care and understanding. A Master of his craft."


My FreeMind app & Book

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