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FreeMind Festival
July 22nd - 25th 2022 

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Come on a journey to nourish the soul, warm the heart and free the mind.

Arrive anytime after midday on Friday 22nd July for a low key afternoon and evening of just chilling.

The main celebrations will start on Saturday morning and it will be a day packed full of joy and wonder so it is best to arrive on Friday so you are there and ready to start the journey with us all at the same time.


The offerings will end on Sunday but people are welcome to stay until Monday.


This event will cost £95 per adult and includes free camping.


Kids under 18 go free.


Adult ticket link:


In terms of provision, think of this as a camping trip. So, please bring the food you will need for the weekend as we won't be providing food. Although there is a local convenience store and a pub just a few minutes walk from our house.


Space is limited so please don't bring an 8 man tent just for yourself. If you want to bring a big tent, perhaps consider tent pooling and offering space to others in your tent.


On arrival, feel free to come and drop off your stuff, then go and park out on the road in the village where there is plenty of free parking. Please do not park on our drive.


This is a drug and alcohol-free festival because we will be harnessing the power and beauty of pure presence to make it more magical and meaningful.


For the Saturday celebration feel free to get dressed up. Go wild, wonderful, silly, sacred, sparkly or sensational.


Or all of the above.

Or just good old fashioned fancy dress.

Or none of the above.


Glitter is highly recommended but please only use the biodegradable versions.

Kids are welcome and they go free.

No dogs


This is a single focus event which means there won't be lots of different things happening at different times in different places. We are all journeying together, experiencing the same one thing at the same time.


This keeps it simple, removes all FOMO and creates an incredible group bond. It worked beautifully last year. It also means you can stay completely in the moment, no planning or organising required. Just surrender and flow along with us.


Please also feel free to bring things to gift and sell including arts and crafts, massages, face painting, healings etc.


…and anything that sparkles or lasers will be considered sacred.


We are so excited about this.


With all the love in the world.




Tom and Rhia xx

p.s if you want to come and volunteer, there are some opportunities to be a part of making this happen.

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