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I am a published author, international speaker, Harley St therapist, creator of the award-winning FreeMind App and founder of the Future Foundation think tank. I have qualifications in clinical hypnotherapy, gestalt counselling, NLP, EMDR and EFT and none of that speaks wholly to what I really bring to my clients or who I am. 

Since the year 2000 when I experienced my profound life-changing epiphany, everything changed. I now had a much deeper understanding of people. And when I spoke to them, people listened to me in ways like they never had before. And in that connection, I felt able to speak directly to their souls. 

People's lives started changing.

The more courageously that I spoke and acted from the heart, the more magical my life became.


And so, I became obsessed with the art and science of transformation so that I could learn everything I could about helping people dissolve their limiting beliefs and outdated identities so that they can truly unleash their potential and enjoy much more success and happiness in every area of their lives.

If you want to hear about chakras and lentils or ascended masters or want strategies to just float around on a cloud every day with a simpering smile on your face, I am not your guy. I want you in the real world, doing epic stuff, having a blast and doing good along the way. With that said, I am not interested in dry theoretical conversations. I am passionate about using the very latest immersive experiences and groundbreaking technology to make your personal, professional and spiritual development journey a wide-eyed, wild ride of wondrousness and awe. 

I will challenge you and make you do things that are uncomfortable and I will make you question all of your assumptions and approaches. All so that I can bring you into alignment with who you always would have been before life got in the way; before school squashed you and the frustrations of life wore you down and dimmed your spirit.

I won’t be in your corner willing you on from the sidelines. I am not your cheerleader. I am going to be in the ring with you, side by side giving you everything I have got to help you succeed. Your goals become my goals and I will dedicate my very essence to helping your limitless potential to be fully expressed. I won't stop and I won't let you stop until you create and claim a life that you adore.

I am a devoted partner to my darling Rhia and the father of four wonderful human wildlings, I love uplifting electronic dance music and am addicted to collecting instruments that I am learning to play slowly.

Here below is my daily declaration whereby I affirm what I stand for and whom I am striving to be every day.

Nothing would make me happier than to help you discover your greatest power is to be found in your most beautiful purpose.

Let's get to work, bringing love to life.

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