On January 2nd of the year 2000 I experienced a profound moment of clarity that completely changed my life in an instant. 

Since that time I have been absolutely obsessed with understanding the human condition. I have dedicated my life to understanding where happiness comes from, what gets in the way of it and what can be done to reconnect to our natural peace and contentment. I have studied and qualified in many healing and therapeutic modalities and I continually challenge and develop myself personally and professionally.


I am specifically fascinated with understanding the art and science of how to engineer epiphanies.

Through this work I formulated a new form of therapy which I call the FreeMind system that anyone and everyone can use to overcome their own difficulties and achieve their goals.

I am passionate about sharing those techniques and in 2005 I began building a library of powerful guided musical meditations that enable people to do this kind of deep transformational work on themselves.

I articulated the FreeMind system in my book called the FreeMind Experience, which was published by Watkins in 2013.

In 2017 I was approached by investors to make more recordings and build the FreeMind app. That was launched in 2019 with over 280 meditations to help people in every area of their life. That year we won the award for best meditation app from the prestigious Health & Beauty magazine.

As well as running my private practice one of my greatest joys is now teaching people to become FreeMind therapists and I also really enjoy running a number of personal development trainings online based on the FreeMind principles and practices.

I believe very deeply in the power of the human mind and the beauty of the human heart. 

It would be a great privilege and pleasure to help you improve your life in any and every way I can.

Very best wishes

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