You must have an emotional intelligence score above 120 to train as a FreeMind therapist

learn how to

help people fast

All unwanted beliefs, feelings, thoughts, beliefs and behaviours are driven at the unconscious level by unresolved trauma.


All of them.

FreeMind Hypnotherapy is profoundly powerful at helping people overcome their challenges, achieve their goals and experience heightened states of spiritual connection, unconditional love and cause-less happiness.

FreeMind  Hypnotherapy is an access point to our greatest gifts and our purest states of being.

It is a return to wholeness, an integration of all of our lost parts and a re-experiencing oneself as the divine field of joy and wonder.

With these beautifully self-loving tools that access the most beautiful parts of the human heart and soul you can rapidly help people:

  • Find the causal reason for the limiting thoughts, feelings and behaviour

  • You can safely find and release repressed emotion and trauma

  • You can negotiate directly with the parts responsible for the dysfunctional behaviour, self sabotage and self doubt and change it with love and understanding

  • You can use visualisation and empowered language patterns to help clients embed new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving

  • Have profound experiences of transcendental states of consciousness that deepen their personal, professional and spiritual development.

These tools and techniques enable you to help other people make real and lasting positive changes in their lives.

People will leave your company feeling inspired, refreshed and renewed and raving to their friends and family about how much you have helped them.

These powerful techniques will enable you to rapidly help people:

  • Heal past pain, trauma and self doubt

  • Enhance self-esteem and confidence

  • Dissolve self-sabotage patterns

  • Receive love and be more abundant

  • Stop attracting unavailable people

  • Overcome addictions and unwanted habits

  • Heal family dynamics and be better parents

  • Experience beautiful states of meditative bliss

Helping people make these life changing transformation is so fulfilling and so needed in the world today.

So many models of therapy and spirituality do not address the complexity of the self-sabotage.

It is hugely misunderstood and changing this huge problem is my life's mission.

So many people are unaware that they are massively in their own way and they have no idea what to do to change it. All other efforts to "be better" will not touch the sides until this one thing is resolved first.

Then everything can change without resistance or struggle.

There are three pillars to the FreeMind system and 6 main techniques that enable you to work with any condition or problem.


  • You can learn these 6 powerful transformational techniques in 8 days.

  • After day 1 you will know how to put your clients powerfully into deep hypnotic states so as to get deep enough access to the unconscious so you can drive real and lasting change more easily.

  • Enjoy learning in a fully experiential, immersive and inspiring online environment.

  • Avoid having to learn exhaustive theory, read hundreds of books and write essays.

  • You will be given 150 pages of powerful FreeMind hypnotherapy scripts and techniques for a whole range of conditions.

  • You will watch live demonstrations as that is the best way to learn.

  • You will learn how to incorporate music into your work to make it much more powerful.

  • The training includes on going support and supervision for a year.

  • The FreeMind 3 pillar therapy model is very powerful as it is based on unconditional love and oneness spirituality.

  • You will have the tools to help people make real and lasting change in their lives

  • All the training is designed and delivered by Tom Fortes Mayer who created FreeMind Therapy and has over 20 years clinical experience 


If after the training you do not feel it was excellent value a refund would be gladly given.

next training is Nov 18-21 (part 1) and Dec 2-5 (Part 2)



In full in advance


pay over 12 months

£416 a month


pay over 24 months

£229 a month



Testimonials from other therapists

Louis, Psychotherapist

“As a psychotherapist and life-coach, I decided to take part in Tom’s FreeMind Training Course because I wanted to add an extra layer to my practice, and I was especially interested in using music as a tool. And this course delivered so much more than I expected. The unique FreeMind therapeutic system that Tom shared with us has without any shadow of a doubt accelerated my practice to the next level. Since doing the course, I have been using music and the FreeMind techniques to great effect, seeing better, faster results with my clients. I have also felt deeply supported by the clarity of the FreeMind principles, and the ongoing support that Tom and the group of FreeMind practitioners has offered. My confidence in my own practice has grown significantly, as has my trust in the Universe! Thank you so much Tom, on behalf of me and all my clients.”

Desmond, Educational psychologist

“I'm so thrilled to have finally completed my training as FreeMind therapist. Huge thanks to Tom Fortes Mayer for the most powerful and transformative learning process I have ever experienced. I feel ready to start spreading the gift of happiness and healing that has been so lovingly bestowed upon me. Bring it on!"

Wendy, Therapist

“I have been a qualified therapist for over 16 years and this course has gone deeper than I knew was even possible. I feel absolutely ready to do some really great life changing work as a FreeMind facilitator”

Sameer, Psychotherapist

“It was incredible! We have been able to work at an incredibly deep level. It has been moving work both personally and professionally. It has been a very intense 8 days and the friendships that have been formed have been incredible and I am very excited to be part of the The FreeMind community.”