SHINE 21 day Self Love Activation


The 21 day Self love activation

An opportunity to hugely deepen your ability to be unconditionally loving of yourself and others.

Expect to be supported and inspired with amazing musical guided meditations, beautiful and simple acts of self love,

and some brilliant techniques to improve how you feel about yourself and how you engage with the world.

This is about experiencing a huge imprint of love. Be seen, be valued, be cared for and be deeply deeply welcomed without you having to do anything to 'deserve' it.

Here you can engage at whatever level you want, this is not about clogging your to-do-list with lots of activities. This is simply about making it easier for you to be more loving of yourself.


Do as much or as little as you want. No pressure, no expectation. You are already enough.

This all begins with an opening ceremony at 7.30pm on Thursday 8th July on this link:

But don't worry if you can't make this, as it will be recorded.

There will also be weekly sharing circles on the following four Thursdays to support and inspire you.

These are also optional and will be recorded.

The 21 Day Self Love Activation will be run in this private Facebook group. Apply to join here.


Self love is the foundation of all happiness and success.

Come on this beautiful journey to deepen your self love so that you can live and love your life more easily.


facilitated by

Tom fortes mayer

Tom has gathered together many different tools, techniques, tips, analogies and stories to help people go from fear to love, from being closed to open, disconnected to connected, from hiding your light, to shining bright. Tom has distilled and simplified these techniques and is totally dedicated to getting these out into the world so so that everyday people can take responsibility for their own healing and their own happiness without being dependent on therapists, coaches or gurus.

Through these crafted and curated experiences Tom leads us in his own open, joyful and genuine way back to a love and freedom that has always been waiting inside you to be experienced. This is simply an invitation to come home to who you really are. To have the courage to step into your power, to really understand your purpose and place in the world and to take your place by the fire with pride.


"I will say only this.Where else in the world do we see the pureness of art be inspired by experience. In the places humans strive to explore, in places and notions experiences that are beyond words and call for something more divine. I have seen FreeMind inspire this explosion of expression."  Henry Johnstone

"Tom as a facilitator has been the ideal embodiment of balance; he’s lead and learnt; intuited and encouraged; given and held; reflected and imparted wisdom with natural ease and grounding which is rarely witnessed in the personal/professional development space. He is one and one thousand years young all at the same time. Trusting Tom is effortless. What is in his head and heart needs to be taught in schools, the workplace and the home. And I don’t wish for this to sound too evangelical or guru-affirming either; his theory / practice of how life works; isn’t ‘according to him’ it’s wholeheartedly (and patiently) ‘according to you’.  Helen James

"Tom is unbelievably gifted. The way he is able to listen to what (in my own experience) is often an unclear explanation of how I’m feeling or a challenge I’m facing and reflect back to me and others in such an insightful way. He never ceases to impress me with his passion for all things in the universe and brings it all together with candid stories, humour, care and understanding. A Master of his craft."  Richard Lowe

"Tom is truly inspiring, he has a wealth of knowledge and I could listen to him all day long. He has so much love for everyone."  George Grainger