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surrender 15 minute meditation

gratitude 15 minute meditation

support - inner child healing 
70 minutes

Emotional - inner child healing 
30 minutes

sleep inducer - 20 minutes

the Golden Apology Letter

How to heal your relationships with your parents and yourself

The love letter from money

working with me 1-2-1

my philosophy - Pantheism

FREEMIND Testimonials

"I will say only this.Where else in the world do we see the pureness of art be inspired by experience. In the places humans strive to explore, in places and notions experiences that are beyond words and call for something more divine. I have seen FreeMind inspire this explosion of expression."  H. Johnstone

"Tom is truly inspiring, he has a wealth of knowledge and I could listen to him all day long. He has so much love for everyone. Words cannot describe how much I love him."  G. Grainger

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