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Elemental Mastermind


The FreeMind 3 MONTH MASTERMIND group

A 3 month group journey includes 9 dedicated days of FreeMind Immersion training and a dedicated support and inspiration group to help you integrate the training and action a specific plan to create total life transformation.

This combination of dedicated training days, with an ongoing Mastermind group, is incredibly powerful.


What's included


  •  3 days of Deep Peace Training (Pillar 1)

  •  3 days of Unlimited Power Training (Pillar 2)

  •  3 days of Pure Purpose Training (Pillar 3)

  •  A support and inspiration private Facebook group

  •  Fortnightly Online Mastermind meetings

  •  Dedicated and personalised guidance

  •  Weekly challenges and integration practices

  •  Access to over 280 bespoke guided musical meditations

  •  Aligned action planning with accountability

  •  The combined power of a dedicated and loving group

This training comes with a cast-iron guarantee. If the experience does not create profound shifts in your abundance and contentment, you will gladly be given a full refund.



1 payment of £3000

Paid in full in advance


6 Payments of £500

Over 6 months


12 Payments of £417

Over 12 months

facilitated by
Tom fortes mayer

Since the year 2000 when I experienced a profound life-changing epiphany, I have been obsessed with the art and science of transformation and how it can be applied to enhance performance, increase success and improve your ability to really enjoy life. I am interested in the profound but way more excited by the practical. I have spent 22 years gathering applicable, relevant tools, techniques and systems to help people dissolve their limiting beliefs and outdated identities so that they can truly unleash their potential and enjoy much more success in every area of their lives.

If you want to hear about chakras and lentils or ascended masters or want strategies to just float around on a cloud every day with a simpering smile on your face, I am not your guy. I want you in the real world, doing epic shit, having a blast and doing good along the way. With that said, I am not interested in dry theoretical expositions. I am passionate about using the very latest technology to make your personal and professional development journey a wide-eyed, wild ride of wondrousness and awe. By focussing on the three pillars that underpin all success and happiness, the work is deep and powerful if you are truly ready to experience yourself and life in new ways.

I will challenge you and make you do things that are uncomfortable and I will make you question all your assumptions and approaches. All so that I can bring you into alignment with who you always would have been before life got in the way before school squashed you and the frustrations of life wore you down and dimmed your spirit.

I won’t be in your corner willing you on from the sidelines. I am not your cheerleader. I am going to be in the ring with you, side by side giving you everything I have got to help you succeed. Your goals become my goals and I will dedicate my very essence to helping your limitless potential to be fully expressed. I won't stop and I won't let you stop until you create and claim a life that you adore.

Jump in, get involved. 

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FREEMIND Testimonials

"I will say only this.Where else in the world do we see the pureness of art be inspired by experience. In the places humans strive to explore, in places and notions experiences that are beyond words and call for something more divine. I have seen FreeMind inspire this explosion of expression."  H. Johnstone

"Tom as a facilitator has been the ideal embodiment of balance; he’s lead and learnt; intuited and encouraged; given and held; reflected and imparted wisdom with natural ease and grounding which is rarely witnessed in the personal/professional development space. He is one and one thousand years young all at the same time. Trusting Tom is effortless. What is in his head and heart needs to be taught in schools, the workplace and the home. And I don’t wish for this to sound too evangelical or guru-affirming either; his theory / practice of how life works; isn’t ‘according to him’ it’s wholeheartedly (and patiently) ‘according to you’.  H. James

"Tom is unbelievably gifted. The way he is able to listen to what (in my own experience) is often an unclear explanation of how I’m feeling or a challenge I’m facing and reflect back to me and others in such an insightful way. He never ceases to impress me with his passion for all things in the universe and brings it all together with candid stories, humour, care and understanding. A Master of his craft."  R. Lowe

"The best 4 months I have ever had. It's changed my life. Tom is truly inspiring, he has a wealth of knowledge and I could listen to him all day long. He has so much love for everyone. Words cannot describe how much I love him.  G. Grainger

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