FreeMind Couples therapy

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At FreeMind we see every difficulty in relationships as an opportunity for growth and improvement.


As people change over the years it is common for relationships to become strained and stale in places. Unresolved issues grumble along underneath the surface meaning that dischord begins to mount making connection and communication difficult. 


This can often lead to more pronounced problems arising.

FreeMind couples therapy creates a safe and effective space for couples to communicate, clear the air, resolve grievances and differences whilst also creating the possibility for a renewed vision for the relationship to be co-created and re-committed to. 

FreeMind couples therapy sees that all dynamics are co-created and both parties are responsible for the quality of the relationship. By helping each individual take full responsibility for how they are feeling and behaving, much more interesting ways of moving forward become possible. 

FreeMind couples therapy can also involve each individual doing some personal work on their own relationship to themselves and their past as that often plays a part in what is creating friction and difficulty in the relationship.  

As a first step, I recommend couples come on a free online consultation, to get a sense of me and how I work to see if it is a good fit. 

It would be a great privilege and pleasure to help you improve your relationship in any and every way I can.

Very best wishes,

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